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We will not be offering classes for the 2015-2016 school year.

"A Genuine Alternative"

Philosophy of Education


We believe that God created and sustains all things through His Son, Jesus Christ; therefore, the universe and all life are dynamically related to God and exist for the purpose of glorifying Him. Man is uniquely created in God’s image with the capacity to know and respond to Him personally and voluntarily. Only by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord can man glorify God by doing His will and being a loved son or daughter, which is the ultimate purpose of man’s life. 
It is our belief that parents are ultimately responsible for the training and education of their children. Believers Fellowship Academy exists to support parents in the training and education of their children. This includes feeling and experiencing the love of God. 
The heart and soul of our educational program is not found in our curriculum or textbooks but in our teachers, student advisors and instructors, all of whom are committed to knowing JesusChrist and to living lives built on His teachings and principles. 
A successful education is the result of discovery, instruction and growth in spiritual, social and academic arenas. To neglect instruction in any of these vital areas would result in an incomplete, lopsided education. Smaller class sizes and adult/student ratios helps to encourage opportunities for instruction in social, behavioral and spiritual issues as they arise. 
Every student is unique in every way; learning styles and motivating factors included. This demands we implement a variety of methods and tools to achieve meaningful/relevant learning opportunities for all. Project Based Learning (PBL) helps The Academy facilitate that need and is heavily emphasized because it is our sincere belief that the greatest learning takes place naturally in relevant and practical experiences. The PBL educational style is a powerful tool capable of honing students’ problem solving skills and promoting independent learning skills. PBL as a philosophy aims to design and deliver a total learning environment that is holistic, student-centered and student empowering. Personal Learning Programs (PLPs) are developed for each student -based on their individual needs- by our staff and advisors. Assessments are used to evaluate academic placement; conferences with students and parents are used to develop individualized projects and personalized goals. 
For more information on our policies and fees, download our Handbook.

For more information on our preschool and kindergarten program go to God's Garden Preschool.

BFA Adventures 2013-2014


Believers Fellowship Academy uses a combination of curricula. Our curriculum is individualized allowing the student to progress at their own rate according to their performance level. The students are also involved in P.E., Art and chapel on a weekly bases.

The Curriculum:

Our curriculum provides the core subjects of English/Language Arts, Science, History and Geography, and Math as well as Bible in both computer and paper formats. The curriculum is supplemented with reading times, written assignments, and lecture classroom settings to improve the students overall academic experience. At the Middle School and High School level the student has many elective courses to choose from.

High School, 9-12:

Believers Fellowship Academy provides multiple options for those seeking a High School diploma. Each student's diploma is customized to their goals and interest with guidance from parents and staff. We provide the basic core credits listed above as well as many electives in Computer, Business, Bible, Art, Music, Language, Health, and many more.


The students participate in a wide variety of activities. They include our theatrical programs and field trips throughout the year.

Theatrical Programs:

The students will be provided the opportunity to participate in theatrical productions during the school year. They are involved in the whole production, from acting parts to building props to assisting in the final production.


GED Prep Available


For More Information:

If you need more details concerning our curriculum, activities, or fees please contact us.

Believers Fellowship Academy
Principal Deb Moken

180 Old Stone Rd.
Sturgis, SD 57785

Phone: (605) 347-4866

Email: Academy

For more information on our Preschool/Kindergarten program go to God's Garden Preschool